25 decoration to avoid pit guide, never again into the pit!

Renovation is the art of regret, no matter how hard, how much money, how much energy is put into it is very difficult to do perfect. What we can do is to try to less regrets that can be thought of, try to avoid some of the common pit, so that they live more comfortable and more pleasing to the eye some.

Today, I will give you 25 decoration avoidance guide!


1, cabinet design to consider the order of use.

Take the ingredients from the refrigerator → sink wash vegetables → cut vegetables ready → stir-fry → pot on the food, the smoother this order, the better to use.

2, if the household conditions allow, the cabinet recommended U-shaped layout.

Available countertop large, convenient to arrange in order to wash, cut, fry area.

3, the countertop recommended quartz stone, white countertop color versatile.

But may seep dirt, pay attention to timely cleaning.

4, the height of the countertop can generally be based on.

Height ÷ 2 plus a height of 2-5 cm design.

In addition, you can consider the countertop is not as high as the design.

The countertop of the preparation area can be slightly higher, cutting vegetables without bending.

Cooking area can be slightly lower, stir-fry vegetables can not be racked arm.

The difference is 8-10 centimeters.

5, the countertop against the wall is recommended to design a water barrier, so that in case there is water on the countertop, will not flow down the wall.

6, the cabinet below the design of lighting.

Can use induction lights, you can also use general lighting, consider in advance.

The advantage is that at night the cabinet countertop will not be invisible backlight.

7, commonly used socket with a switch, do not often plug and unplug.


8, be sure to do waterproofing, the ground do full, the wall shower area to do more than 1.8 meters, other areas to do 30 cm height. Waterproofing must be done after the closed water test.

9, the floor drain should be anti-odor.

The mainstream on the market is T-type and deep water seal, T-type workmanship is good again can not be completely 100% odor-proof.

If the house downpipe without odor-proof bend, conditional bathroom recommended to use deep water seal floor drain.

Only deep water seal floor drain installation depth is generally more than 12 cm, so the location of the downpipe can not change as much as possible, do not change.

After the change, the general depth is very shallow, can not install a deep water seal floor drain deodorant.

10, faucet a handle will be more convenient than the use of two handles. (Of course, if you can only slightly sacrifice the convenience of use in order to look good)

11, the thickness of their own countertops are generally thicker, should be considered in advance to install the faucet location at the thickness of.

Or buy a faucet when you want to buy additional extension type fasteners, otherwise the faucet may not fit.

12, the towel at home is much more than 2, especially after having children.

So to consider the arrangement of the towel bar, a single rod is certainly not enough.

Double rod to choose the height difference, otherwise the inside of the one with trouble.

In addition, the towel bar, towel rack length is generally standard 60 cm.

Small bathroom can consider towel ring, hook, rotating folding towel hanging and other alternative products.

13, the sink mirror can be arranged on the side of the auxiliary lighting, such as mirror lights or makeup lights, so that it can be more convenient to use.

14, according to their actual living conditions to decide whether to choose a bathtub.

If there is no strong habit of bathing, the frequency of use of the bathtub is really very low, and take up space.

Of course, if the house has more than two bathrooms, and the budget is more landed gentry at will.

15, in order to use hot water more convenient.

You can consider the home hot water circulation pump at the time of plumbing and electrical renovation. Or wash your hands or dishwashing position can be installed separately KitchenAid.

Other spaces

16, living room TV background if it is wall-mounted TV.

Do the plumbing when first buried in a PVC pipe for threading, so that later the wire socket can be hidden, more beautiful.

17, each room socket must be left sufficient, especially the TV wall, sofa side, bedside and other locations, household appliances will be more and more.

18, to use double open position do not forget, such as the bedroom into the door and bedside; stairs up and down position.

19, public spaces such as fully open design, to consider the issue of energy consumption to open the air conditioning. Living room, dining room, study, kitchen, stairs all without doors, ordinary air conditioning with less power.

20, people who do not like air conditioning, remember to consider ceiling fan lights, some styles of ceiling fans are actually quite good-looking.

21, bedroom partition wall must do solid wall, with closet or plasterboard and other sound insulation effect is too poor, if there are family members in the next door can hear the sound of snoring, capital embarrassment.

22, closet internal design should be adjusted according to their own habits.

Can not have full authority to let the overall custom closet designer directly deal with, at least their own specific needs.

For example, more long clothes? More pants? And so on, different clothes have different storage.

23, try to light decoration, heavy decoration, do not do too much modeling, the more materials are introduced, the higher the probability of environmental problems, while the budget will also increase.

24, the balcony can not only be used for drying clothes, can be transformed into a garden, leisure area, study, etc..

If there is only one balcony, there is something called a dryer to solve the problem.

25, the process of renovation as much as possible with the site supervisor and designer to communicate more, to take the details seriously, after the renovation found that the problem can be changed, can not be changed, don’t gripe about it, after all, in a few years may be replaced by a large house.

This is the end of the guide to avoid pits, I hope it can effectively help you avoid pits!