Home furnishing layout tricks

1, sleep in the magnetic field

In the selection of residential buildings, it is best to carry a compass, measure the direction of the residential building sets, try to pick the positive north-south direction or positive east-west direction of the residence, because in such a residence, your bed can be close to the positive north-south or positive east-west direction.

We know that the earth is densely covered with magnetic lines of north and south, Taoism believes that the human body is a small universe, there is also a magnetic field. Head and feet is the north and south poles, when people sleep, it is best to take the north-south direction, and the Earth’s magnetic lines in the same direction, so that people in a state of sleep to readjust the magnetic field due to a day of exertion and become disordered, extremely beneficial to health. If you live in the wrong direction of the set of homes, magnetic lines are bound to cut your body obliquely, although there is no harm, but always better than the former.

2, home hanging paintings

People in the purchase of wall art, can be soft landscape paintings, such as sunrise, lake and mountain, peony flowers, etc. hanging in the hall, home can give you a relaxed, comfortable feeling. Painted fairy, Buddha’s picture can also be used, but remember to face friendly, peaceful expression for the top.

3„ÄĀChandelier on the bed

In life, there are often some people to decorate the bedroom very luxurious, in the bedroom ceiling with a beautiful large chandelier, and just above the bed, which will directly affect the subconscious. Especially when sleep is coming, the human subconscious gradually lose protection, hanging in the bed of the chandelier will make the subconscious feel nervous and uneasy. Therefore, it is best not to install any lamps above the bed, using only the table lamp on the nightstand and the recessed bulls-eye lamp located around the ceiling. If you must install a light above the bed, install ceiling lights, and never install a swinging chandelier.

4, the wonderful use of gardening plants

Gardening has unexpected benefits in home feng shui because of its lively life force. White flowers have the power to promote interpersonal relationships and purify the gas; yellow can stimulate the power of upward mobility and help with wealth; blue brings peace and calm judgment; red is a representative of vitality and spirit; green helps with health, represents security and peace of mind, and helps with the stability of the heartbeat; purple can make the mind clear and increase the sense of art. In the application of flowers, if the bed is opposite to the door, a vase with flowers can be placed to solve the problem; flowers in the kitchen can enhance the temperament of the housewife. If usually easy to restlessness, depression and pessimism, it is very suitable to set up green, white, purple matching flowers.

5.The choice of colors

The deployment of color, must be good for human physiology. If the home is full of dark blue tone, over time, invisible will produce a gloomy, negative feeling;.

  • Home of purple, although it can be said to be purple full of room fragrance, but unfortunately, purple with the red series, invisible will issue a harsh sense of color, easy to make people have a feeling of helplessness;.
  • Lacquer pink is “annoying” color, easy to make people irritable, a spat, quarrelsome things frequently, it is best not to use this color; too much green, will also make people depressed (generally speaking, the eyes should be closer to green, but in fact, the green refers to the green of nature, rather than the artificial deployment of green);.
  • Chinese people always believe that red is an auspicious color, but too much red will overburden the eyes, so red can only be used as a small part of the color, not as the theme color.
  • The yellow color in the home, the mood of boring worry, so that people’s brain nerve consciousness is full of multi-layered hallucinations, neurological disease is most contraindicated this color.
  • Orange can make people full of life, very warm feeling, but too much orange, will also make people bored.

The best color in the house is cream, ivory, white, these three colors and the most suitable for people’s visual nerve. Because the sunlight is white series, representing the light, the human heart and eyes also need light to reconcile, and white series is best equipped with furniture, white series also represents hope. The original color of wood makes people easy to produce inspiration and wisdom, is the best color. Especially the study part, try to use the original color of wood is better.

6.Rational use of space

Remove the clutter Remove unnecessary dressing table, bedside table and TV cabinet, these furniture can be placed in another room in the room to make room for the bedroom, a small bedroom space is wide.

Bed size selection Stay in a small space in the bedroom want to have a sense of comfort, the first thing to do is to choose a bed and bedroom proportional to the harmony, and then configure the corresponding proportion of lighting and decorations, a harmonious match to give you a comfortable feeling.

The choice of wall hangings The choice of wall hangings is an important decision for your bedroom layout, according to the needs of the bedroom with wall hangings is important. In order to visually expand the space of the bedroom, we can choose some straight lines of furniture to decorate the wall, as opposed to curved devices feel like they will take up less space.

Add bookish atmosphere In the bedroom of the small corner of a small comfortable chair and a lamp, you can easily read literature, that feeling should be more than lying in bed with the atmosphere oh.