Vacuum Handling Equipment

Our product catalogue hosts hundreds of innovations guaranteed to improve your operations and workplace safety. “Everyone can handle heavy bags with TAWI vacuum lifters, which increases flexibility and makes sure the production never stands still.” Vacuum lifting equipment can be designed to lift, hold, turn, tilt or rotate.

Equipment includes an integral fuel engine and a vacuum compressor. The vacuum lifting unit consists of a lifting hose, valve unit and gripper. All parts are of an interchangeable modular design and so can be used for other installation work and with other materials. The jib boom is easy to manoeuvre, can be locked into place and has a range of 4 m. The mast is brought down hydraulically to its vertical position from the wheel loader and so the jib boom is always able to swivel gently.

Our knowledge has built up over years of working with companies in over 20 manufacturing industries. ThePalamatic Vacuum Lifter concept is simply about offering distinct categories that combine to lift loads from 10kg or less up to 400kg . The vacuum handling equipment is generally used to transport heavy steel plates and load them to CNC machining centers.

Lanyards have been tested and approved for leading edge use over steel beams, B-Deck and precast concrete. Dashcam captures footage that provides context and acts as a source of truth in the event of an incident, accident or safety violation. 2021 is shaping up to be another year of accelerating tech innovation in the construction industry. Read about what’s happening in the world of drones, asset tracking and more. It is estimated that 1 million construction workers are exposed to respirable crystalline silica dust. All contractors engaging in activities that fall under OSHA’s silica rule are required to take measures to keep workers safe by reducing the quantity of hazardous dust they may inhale.

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It is likely however, that this value could vary slightly between different manufacturers of this equipment. This information was previously included in HSE Operational Circular OC 234/9 “Vacuum Lifting Attachments” and OC 234/12 “Vacuum Lifting Tubes” and their associated information documents. There are small handheld vacuum lifting devices that allow you to pick up non-porous materials to install.

EXAIR’s Light Duty Line Vac is the ideal way to convey small volumes of materials over short distances. Like the Line Vac, the Light Duty Line Vac converts an ordinary hose or tube into a conveyor for scrap, trim and bulk materials. For applications where frequent repositioning of the standard force Air Nozzles or Jet is required, the Flexible Stay Set Hoses™ are ideal. Simply mount the hose in close proximity to the application and bend it to aim the airstream at the target. It always keeps the aim until physically moved to the next position. Air Jets utilize the Coanda effect to produce air motion in their surroundings.

The vacuum lifting system can liberate the operator from the work-piece loading operation. Through the use of these vacuum equipment, the designed process can be more efficient and ergonomic, and the operator can be avoided from damage caused by long-term handling. In general, lifting equipment uses a vacuum system to assist manual lifting operations, freeing individuals from heavy loads.

Accidents resulting from unsafe lifting environments can have serious and irrevocable consequences that go beyond lost workdays to death or debilitating injuries. Applied to load and handle various kinds of metal sheet in the fabrication, also transport in the plant. Prepare arrangements for dealing with emergencies eg action to be taken in the event of power/equipment failure, displaced loads, etc. Prevent unauthorised access into ‘lifting zones’, especially at automatically controlled processes. Provide operators with safe places of work to ensure that they cannot be struck by displaced loads eg guarding. Use the right equipment and be aware of the limitations of each device eg ‘lift only one piece of material at a time’.

Ensure that there is good vacuum between the surfaces of the suction pads and the load. Vacuum efficiency could be affected by any damage to the suction pads. Vacuum lifting equipment supplied on the market must satisfy the relevant Essential Health and Safety Requirements of the Supply of Machinery Regulations 2008 . Any flexible hose or ‘wander leads’ should be of the armoured type and should be protected as far as possible from accidental damage. Note, there are additional requirements for tilting loads, eg glass handling, and areas where persons are exposed and secondary holding devices or redundancy is required. The attachment of the lifting tube to the lifting gantry usually comprises a rotary vacuum seal which enables the tube/load to swivel through 360o.

The world’s most popular and widely used vacuum panel lifter, the Clad Boy has evolved into a family of machines with unique capabilities and performance. In use in over 35 countries, the Clad Boy delivers un-rivalled versatility, performance and reliability. With the ability to lift roof panels up to 90 foot long, the Clad Boy has set the standard for insulated metal panel vacuum lifters. Please feel free to contact INTERLIFT regarding a lifting, handling or productivity solution. The VacuMaster Glass is the ideal solution for handling plates of glass in an outdoor environment. The lifting device is designed for use high above the ground using a site crane, and as such, the highest of safety precautions have been implemented.

Our line of vacuum lifting systems can simplify your daily material handling tasks, especially with heavy or hard-to-handle loads. Cynergy vacuum lifters are capable of lifting and handling work pieces weighing over 5,000 pounds. Vacuum lifting is used in a wide range of workplace environments for loading and unloading of goods, sacks, drums, rolls, manoeuvring products and chemicals, pouring ingredients and within production lines. Each work place has different characteristics in which the vacuum lifting system needs to work. We offer a free visit to help you assess the application of vacuum lifting equipment in your business.

The durable cast curved trigger makes it comfortable for hours of use without fatigue. VariBlast Precision Safety Air Gun is extremely lightweight and the most comfortable to operate during long periods of extended use. It features a variable trigger valve which produces varying force levels depending on how much the trigger is activated. The small diameter nozzle and extension will fit into tight spaces while providing strong blowing force. Our solutions are backed by top level engineering, project and quality management including validation.